Last Update: Tue Feb 17 00:59:20 +0100 2009


    Fixed #1966 - Added physicalprocessorcount fact

    Fixed #1761 - changes to Solaris facts:
       operatingsystemrelease == kernel release or uname -r
       kernelrelease == uname -r
       kernelversion == uname -v

    Added support for Oracle VM Server to operatingsystem
    and operatingsystemrelease

    Added support for Oracle Enterprise Linux to operatingsystem
    and operatingsystemrelease

    Fixed #1927 - failing facts don't kill Facter

    Fixed #1850 - Facter updates for Ruby 1.9

    Fixed #1926 - IPAddr to_s issue

    Fixed Ubuntu operatingsystem identification

    Fixed generic uptime fact

    Fixed #1924 - Fixed lo / lo:0 local interface matching


    Added network fact

    Fixed #1870 - Format all subnet masks as human-readable

    Added uptime facts

    Fixed autotest on win32

    Fixed #1870 - Added interface support for Darwin

    Fixed #1791 - support for virtual fact on Solaris 10

    Fixed #1793 - Added more Solaris 10 facts

    Fixed errors on unrecognised option in binary

    Added ci namespace and Rake tasks

    Fixed #1650 - OS X package creation script should be more selective
    about cleaning out prior versions

    Added Ubuntu to a variety of confines

    Fixed #1619 - Applying patch by seanmil, adding support for SLES.

    Fixed #1634 - Update virtual fact to differentiate OpenVZ
    hardware nodes and virtual environments

    Fixed #1509 - Fixed version recognition for SLES.

    Fixes #1582 - Fix MAC address reporting for Linux bonding
    slave interfaces

    Fixed #1575 - CentOS fix for Facter SPEC file

    Fixed #1569 - bug

    Fixed #1567 - output

    Fixed #1547 - finally killed dots in IP address facts


    Fixed #1562 - Removed facter from PREREQS

    Fixed #1558 - Updated virtual fact for xenu and xen0

    Fixed #1555 - Ddded operatingsystemrelease for Solaris

    Fixed #1559 - Update to dmidecode fact


    Added a Process.waitall thread when there's a timeout, to avoid zombies.

    Set the timeout the host-based and resolve-based resolutions to 2.

    Fixed #1495 - CentOS version detection is now better.

    Fixed #1422 - Facter now defaults to 0 timeout.

    Fixes #1492 - added kernelversion fact

    Added virtual fact

    Modified the operatingsystem fact for Debian so it looks in
    /etc/debian_version instead of /proc/version.

    Fixes #1467 - macaddress not set on Ubuntu

    Adding a rake task for creating an archive.

    Adding better SuSE detection for both operatingsystem and release.

    Add sample test and strawman solution for IP parsing code

    Add module level tests for Facter::IPAddress

    Fixed #1425 - Solaris

    Feature #1487: Package creation scripts for Mac OS X

    Feature #1478: Allow specification of --bindir --sbindir --sitelibdir --mandir

    Feature #1475: CONFIG['bindir'] CONFIG['sbindir'] have undesirable defaults on

    Fixes #1467 - macaddress not set on Ubuntu

    Enabled a number of Windows facts - operating system, domain, ipaddress, macaddress,
    kernel, ipconfig and others


    Fixed Rakefile to include additional files including tests et al

    Fixed #1400 - OperatingSystemRelease should now work on CentOS

    Changed 'timeout' option to 'limit' to avoid scope issue

    Fixes #1376 - Display memory facts for AIX

    Fixes #1334 - Forced Facter to use LANG=C

    Fixes #1357 - Change ps syntax for OSX and BSD

    Set the timeout on the AIX kernelrelease fact to 5 seconds.

    Refactored so each fact resolution can specify a separate timeout,
    but the default is still 0.5.

    Refactered ipmess.rb and util/ip.rb to support separate *BSD logic for
    *BSD aliased interfaces.

    Updated dmidecode facts fixing ticket #60

    Added AIX support for some facts

    Add lsbmajdistrelease fact for CentOS and Red Hat

    Updated Red Hat spec file for new version
    The 'facter' executable now has an option (-p|--puppet) for loading the
    Puppet libraries, which gives it access to Puppet's facts.

    Added autoloading to Facter with a default of not loading all facts,
    which results in a significant speedup when only one fact is sought.
    Facts are autoloaded in either a single file named after the fact or
    in any file in a directory named after the fact.

    Significantly refactored Facter's internals, including creating tests
    for all internal classes.

    A netmask fact has been added closing ticket #46.  It only returns the
    netmask of the primary interface (in the same behaviour as the ipaddress
    and macaddress facts).

    Facts to return multiple interfaces on a host have also been updated.
    If you have multiple interfaces on Linux, *BSD, or Solaris/SunOS you will
    now get facts for each interface's IP address, MAC address and netmask.
    The facts will be structured like:
      ipaddress_int = 10.0.0.x
      macaddress_int = xx:xx:xx:xx
      netmask_int =

    Facter now identifies Ubuntu hosts and their releases using the
    operatingsystem and operatingsystemrelease facts.

    The Debian operatingsystemrelease fact now correctly returns the current
    Debian release.

    Fixed ticket #48 - ioperatingsystem and operatingsystemrelease for CentOS

    Fixed ticket #44 and allowed support for Xen multiple interfaces and aliased
    interfaces.  Supports both Linux and *BSD.

    Added interfaces fact to add as index for ip/MAC address facts

    Added Mandrake support for operatingsystem fact - closed ticket #47

    Fixed ticket #45

    Added netmask.rb closing ticket #46


    Fixed Rdoc::usage bug on CentOS 5 - closed Puppet #753 and Facter #40

    Added support to return multiple interfaces and their IP addresses and
    MAC addressess as facts. Returns interface_interfacename and
    macaddress_interfacename.  Existing ipaddress and macaddress facts are
    unchanged and still returned.  Currently Linux only.  Closes #6.

    Added macaddress fact support for FreeBSD and OpenBSD - closes #37

    Added hardwareisa support for *BSD platforms - closed #38

    Facter now detects the Mandriva distribution - closes #39

    Facter now correctly detects ipaddress on NetBSD - closes #42


    A couple of small bugfixes, including fixing Facter.flush so it correctly
    flushes cached values, and the mac address fact only returns one
    value, not all of them.

    Converted all of the fact names to symbols, rather than the somewhat
    random case used previously.  When the facts are converted to a hash,
    they still convert the fact name to a string.


    A bugfix release, including fixes for #29, and #30.  Also fixed
    the SSH keys so they only have the key, not the type or description.


    A bugfix release.


    Added many new facts, including LSB facts.

    Fixed a few small bugs, notably the error you could get when asking
    for a non-existent fact.


    Added thread exclusivity to memory and processor facts.

    Added the ability to retrieve facts by pulling them out of the shell


    Temporarily disabled memory and processor facts since they might cause hangs.


    Fixed autoloading so that it catches any errors in loaded libraries.


    Significant internal refactoring, such as replacing 'tag' with 'confine', and
    reusing 'tag' for semantic purposes.

    Made autoloading of facts better.


    Fixed a "bug" that occurs if there's a file named "facter" in your
    ruby search path (as opposed to directory).


    Added RubyVersion, FacterVersion, and PuppetVersion facts.

    Added autoload capabilities, so you can add facts without modifying
    the core library.

    Added the ability to retrieve facts by treating them as a method on the
    Facter class, e.g., Facter.operatingsystem.

    Added a to_hash method to Facter, which retrieves all facts as a hash.


    Fixing installer bug.


    Identifying CentOS correctly.


    Added 'ldapname' attribute, so Facts can be easily converted to


    Fixed a bug that occurs when you ask for the value of an unregistered


    Added support for OpenBSD (and probably NetBSD and FreeBSD), and significantly
    refactored (heh) how facts and resolution mechanisms are added.


    Added SuSE distro
    Added initial support for Cygwin, thanks to contributions from Eric Sorenson


    Added 'id' fact, which basically returns 'whoami'.


    Rewrote entirely.  It's much simpler to use, and now supports
    adding new fact resolution mechanisms at run-time.


        Initial release.